Your Six Pack Quest Review - Vince Delmonte's Six Pack Abs Program

Former Personal Trainer and Canadian Fitness Model Champion Vince Delmonte claims he can help you to lose your love handles, banish stubborn belly fat, and get a set of rock-hard six pack abs within weeks. 

We decided to take a look at the Your Six Pack Quest program to see if it really is all it's cracked up to be, and if it can really deliver the goods.

First Impressions

Vince's many years of experience as a Personal Trainer come to the forefront when you start reading the guide, and you realize that he has worked with folks of all different body types and understands that each person is different and requires a different approach and routine in order to maximize success.

Fat loss, and muscle building are not achieved through a one-size-fits-all approach.

This is great news, since most folks struggle to find a six pack program that suits their body type, metabolism and current situation.

Is Your Six Pack Quest Only For People Who Want To Lose Weight?

The Your Six Pack Quest program was designed by Vince when he needed to lose a lot of body fat for a fitness model competition that he was competing in. 

As such the program is designed for anyone looking to shave off excess body fat, get into shape, and build solid hard muscle.

Is This Just Another Diet Program?

This is not just some faddy weight loss diet program that only tells you to eat cabbage soup, or any of that other nonsense like most of the diets on the market today…it is a complete workout, nutrition and lifestyle plan.

It’s about helping you to get rid of your excess body fat, build more muscle, and look and feel healthier for years to come.

The Six Pack Quest Diets

As you would expect, the key to a good fat loss program is solid advice on diet and nutrition. After all, the secret to losing excess weight is by creating a caloric deficit where you are consuming less calories than you are burning off.

However, meal frequency is almost just as important as meal quality. To burn off the excess belly fat you should be looking to split your meals into 5 or 6 smaller meals per day instead of the usual 3. This will ensure that your metabolism and energy levels stay consistent throughout the day and you avoid the spikes and crashes that come from snacking and leaving big gaps between meals.

Many so-called “diet” programs out there rely on some form of deprivation and starvation. Whether it’s only eating once per day, or drinking slimming shakes, or only eating rabbit food, they all rely on you NOT eating…the result being that you lose weight in the first few days, but as your body adapts you simply burn less fat than before and often store MORE – since your body thinks it is starving, so it goes into “survival mode”.

With this in mind Vince Delmonte’s Your Six Pack Quest program pays a lot of attention to what you should be eating and, more importantly, when you should be eating it- no cabbage soup here!  :)

“But I Don’t Know How To Plan My Meals!”

Don’t worry...most folks don’t. Meal planning is probably the biggest problem that most folks face when trying to lose fat and eat healthily. How many calories should you be consuming every day? What foods are best for losing weight?

Even if you figure these things out and work out your daily calorie requirements, knowing how to put all that together into 6 meals per day is pretty daunting...which usually results in folks not following through on their diets.

For this reason the Your Six Pack Quest program comes with a Calorie Calculator where you can enter relevant information based on your height, weight, age, activity levels, etc. and it tells you exactly how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis in order to burn body fat.

In addition, Vince has provided you with 84 days worth of meal plans already set out for you, and at different calorie levels depending on your requirements. Simply choose the one you want to use and that’s it! They even come with a shopping list every week so you don’t even need to waste time on that either.

This is almost worth the price of the entire Six Pack Quest package on its own. These meal plans are a huge time-saver and they take out so much of the hassle that comes with meal planning, leaving you more time to spend on more important things like your family, friends, and just chilling out.

The Six Pack Quest Workouts

The main focus of the workouts in the Your Six Pack Quest program is on building muscle while accelerating your metabolic rate – this gives you a double fat-burning effort because:

  • a faster metabolism results in faster fat burning
  • the more muscle mass you have the faster you burn fat too

That’s why you will sometimes see guys with lots of muscle eating unhealthy food and yet not really putting on extra fat...since the added muscle speeds up their body’s ability to burn fat.

For this reason Vince Delmonte designed the Your Six Pack Quest program to help you build muscle AND burn fat, in order to get a great body.

Most of the workouts last for 16 weeks, at which point you can change them up to suit your circumstances, whether you want to continue fat burning or focus more on muscle building and body shaping.

The workouts are split depending on your goals. In the Upgrade package you have:

  • Metabolic Boost program
  • Metabolic Extreme program
  • Metabolic Overdrive program
  • Bodyweight program (4 weeks)
  • Abdominal Cardio workouts
  • Home Gym program
  • Women Only program

If this looks daunting at first don’t worry...Vince takes you through exactly what you should be doing and when. The quantity of information is there for you to make an informed choice about what is right for you in your situation.

As I said before, fat loss and muscle building are not achieved through a one-size-fits-all approach.

The Members Only Forum has lots of extra help from all the other folks that are using the Your Six Pack Quest program, plus Vince is always just an email away, and he always does his best for his subscribers and customers.

Why This Is Better Than “Fad” Diets

This kind of approach to getting in shape and building a six pack is better than the “fad” diets you see because simply “losing weight” is the not the way to get a great body. You’ll need to build muscle, and tone your natural curves as well as burn body fat to bring out the best in you.

Unfortunately, many of the popular diet programs out there are relying on often unhealthy starvation methods to get you to lose weight, which really does nothing for your overall health and well-being, and getting you a great looking body.

You can see the results in many of Vince’s students during the 12 Week Body Transformation Contest...scroll down the page to see how you could win yourself a cool $1,000 by transforming your body.

Do I Have To Join A Gym? 

What About If I Want To Work Out At Home?

This is actually a very common question among folks who are interested in getting into shape. After all, gym memberships these days are not only an extra expense but can also take up a lot of extra time – getting to and from the gym, and trying to get on the equipment when everyone else is using it. Also, if you’re a complete beginner, it can be pretty daunting walking into a gym surrounded by a lot of experienced folks.

Due to this demand, Vince Delmonte has structured the Your Six Pack Quest program in such a way that results are achievable whether you train at the gym or at home. Obviously, certain things are easier to achieve in a well-equipped gym, however the home-based trainer will not be at any real disadvantage, particularly if you have a Bowflex setup at home.

The Virtual Trainer software which is included in the Your Six Pack Quest program shows you how to perform each and every exercise and wherever possible gives alternatives that produce more or less the same results.

There is also the No Nonsense 16 Week Gym Program section which is solely dedicated to the home-based trainer.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

your-six-pack-quest-vince-delmonteAs with everything in life you get out what you put in. How much weight you lose and how much you transform your body are really down to you, and the Your Six Pack Quest program will help you to achieve your goals.

A number of Vince's users have lost many pounds of excess body fat and gained muscle to end up with a lean, ripped body...see them here.

While these kinds of transformations may not an every day occurrence, it is shows what is achievable when you follow a solid program with determination and effort.

How To Win $1,000 - Your Six Pack Quest 12-Week Transformations

Vince runs a regular competition every 3 months where users of his program send in photos of their progress and transformations over a 12-week period. The most amazing transformation wins a cool $1,000 from Vince.

Some of these transformation pics are pretty amazing. To see pictures of the amazing transformations of the users of the Your Six Pack Quest program go here

What Do You Get?

In comparison to many weight loss and exercise programs on the market that often just provide you with a little PDF and very little guidance, the Your Six Pack Quest program is really the complete package that you need to lose weight, get in shape and build solid muscle mass.

There is so much information and resources that for a complete beginner it may seem like a little TOO much information, and could be daunting at first glance, particularly if you’ve never worked out or dieted before.

Thankfully though, Vince provides you with a number of step-by-step videos to get you off to a good start and understanding exactly what you need to be doing and in what order.

In the Your Six Pack Quest program, Vince Delmonte places a huge emphasis on providing you with the right knowledge so that you can make your own decisions about what is the right way to train for you.

It’s important to remember this because when you first start the program you are encouraged to spend time reading the relevant materials and listening and watching the videos and MP3s to really get to grips with why you are doing what you are doing.

There is a Members’ Forum, where like-minded folks are asking and answering questions, sharing each other’s successes, and giving each other motivation. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is a major key to success in anything, and a largely over-looked factor in getting into shape and burning body fat.

(Click image opposite for sneak peek inside the members area)  ==> 

The Deluxe Upgrade Package also contains:

  • No-Nonsense 6 Pack Fat Loss Ebook
  • Your Six Pack Quest Workout DVD’s
  • ”Hard Losers” 84 Day Meal Plans
  • 4-Week Bodyweight Fat Loss Program
  • 16-Week 3-Day Metabolic Boost Program
  • 16-Week 4-Day Metabolic Extreme Program
  • 16 Week 5 Day Metabolic Overdrive Program
  • 16-Week 5-Day Metabolic Overdrive Program
  • 16-Week Razor Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts
  • Virtual Trainer
  • The Fat Loss Supplement Watch Files
  • The 24/7 Six Pack Coach
  • Unlimited LIFETIME Updates
  • Your Six Pack Quest Uncensored Audio Program
  • 16-Week Home Gym Workout
  • 16-Week Women Only Plan
  • 84-Day Cheap Meal Plans
  • 84-Day Veggie Meal Plans
  • No-Nonsense Private Member Zone
  • Meals On The Go Power Shakes
  • "Camera Ready" In 7 Days Audio

The Deluxe Upgrade Package

What's The Final Verdict?

The Your Six Pack Quest program from Vince Delmonte is one of the most complete and thorough plans out there for helping you to lose belly fat, build muscle and get into great shape.

It is ideal for folks at all levels, whether complete beginner or advanced, and gives you so much information that you'll be ready with the right tools to be successful on your journey to a six pack.

Great tools like the Calorie Calculator and all the meal plans really take away a lot of the most boring and tedious tasks, which is good news, since it can be really tough to get the motivation to start any exercise program, and you don't want to be dealing with all those time-consuming tasks.

Even though all the tools, software and information that come with the program are great, the real plus point we found was the one-on-one coaching from Vince and the Members Only forum, which is filled with great folks who are always on hand to give advice, motivation and share in your successes.

We highly recommend the Your Six Pack Quest program for anyone looking to get a great six pack and be in superb shape.

5 Stars  

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